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Recruitment and Selection

Our firm provides the back office of agents in the temporary employment sector. These can be, for example: temporary employment agencies, secondments, payroll offices, recruiters, accountants and administrative offices. These agents work for customer...

Publishing and Back Office

What is publishing? In short: we place your employees on our payroll with our Temporary Employment Services. These employees will now be Temporary Employees. With this we take over the legal employment from you and thus assume all (financial) risks, ...

Highly Skilled Migrant

A highly skilled migrant is a person from outside the EU who comes to work in the Netherlands on the basis of their specialized knowledge. The Netherlands has a special highly skilled migrant scheme for this. This makes it easier for companies to rec...

ZZP Mediation

There are many advantages and forms of mediation as a freelancer. We use the brokerage agreement approved by the tax authorities so that there is no risk for us as the intermediary for the self-employed person, his client and both parties....


We would like to express our transparency and clarity to you with our payroll quality signs.
  • SNA: NEN 4400-1 certification. This is a standard developed for companies entering the Dutch market, providing workforce and/or accepting jobs, among others. The quality mark is there to reduce worker risks as much as possible for hirers and customers. We check periodically whether we meet the requirements.
  • KIWA: Article 14 Transport of goods by road. This quality mark indicates that Control Payroll meets the safety requirements for freight transport. KIWA provides certifications and quality marks. KIWA quality marks stand for quality, reliability and durability.
  • NBBU Sertifikası: Control Payroll has been a member of the NBBU since 2014. NBBU is the representative for us as a Payroll company in the flexible labor market.
  • Vergi Makamları: Paying for good behavior. With this, we show that we have paid the payroll tax and turnover tax on time and correctly..
  • IND: Recognized sponsor. This allows us to use an expedited application procedure for a residence permit for highly skilled immigrants..

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