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Control Payroll has helped numerous companies in recent years to effectively utilize and properly deploy knowledge migrants.

Knowledge migrant

We handle all the necessary legal and administrative work for the knowledge migrant and their client, from applying for the appropriate work and residence permits to paying salaries and filing tax returns.


Foreign employees often incur additional costs. The 30% ruling is a special expense reimbursement scheme. We handle the registration and implementation of the 30% ruling.


If you also want to collaborate seamlessly with a freelancer (ZZP'er) and ensure that you fully comply with all rules, laws, and obligations, it's important to handle matters properly. We are here for you with our freelancer service.

The benefits of Control Payroll

Recognized sponsor

Because Control Payroll is already a recognized sponsor and you outsource the legal employment, you don't have to worry about the complicated laws and regulations or administrative duties.


We provide advice on the conditions of knowledge migration and handle the application for procedures such as the TEV and VVR.

Application never rejected by IND

Control Payroll has helped numerous companies in recent years to effectively utilize and properly deploy the knowledge migrant scheme.

Accelerated admission procedure

We receive a positive decision on our residence permit application within just 2 weeks.

Complete HR support

Every day, we delve into legislation and regulations to discover how we can make personnel matters even easier, more attractive, and 'risk-free' for you.


From registration for the Citizen Service Number and bank account to the legalization of documents – we assist your employee throughout the process.


A knowledge migrant often incurs additional expenses. That's why a portion of their salary is exempt from tax. Control Payroll handles the application for the 30% ruling.


In addition to handling the formalities for your employee, we also take care of the necessary paperwork to bring the family of the knowledge migrant over.

Personal guidance

And while they are at work, we remain the knowledge migrant's point of contact and advisor.

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